Paid Review: AVS iDevice Explorer

AVS iDevice Explorer is a compact application that allows you to exchange files between mobile devices without copying them to the computer hard drive.

Usually, when you try to copy a music from your iPod to another it may take a while and be borring, but AVS iDevice Explorer helps you on this job!

It helps you sicronize the devices so to be able to copy files in a easy way. But it does not only work with iPods… It also works with Sony PSP, Archos DVR, Creative Zen, iRiver, cell phones.

You can exchange all your files between all this devices, and without having to copy them first to your computer! You may think that that’s impossible because, for example, iPod and PSP use different types of files. But, iDevice Explorer converts them automaticly!

iDevice Explorer supports devices to connect between USB, Bluetooth and IrDA.

Unfortunatly there is only a Windows version (2000, XP, 2003 and Vista) and there is not Linux or Mac OS X version but, lucky me, I have another computer were I have a Windows XP partition! Great!

Almost forgot:

Note: This is a paid review throw ReviewME. I have kept my personal opinion, not an opinion based on the fact that I am going to receive money with this review.


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